March 14, 2010

it is 5:30 in the morning and i can't sleep. i was reading some of my favorite blogs when i came across this wonderful post about loving yourself. susannah, at ink on my fingers , has such great insight. anyway, this is part of what she wrote.

"They say we must eat sensibly, exercise regularly and take time out to de-stress - I'd like to add 'fall in love with ourselves' to that list. To be able to cultivate our self-esteem and sense of worth we need to get to know ourselves - the soft tender places and the bold and powerful places. The hurts and fears, the joys and successes. We are worth this nurturing time - we deserve it! It keeps our heads and our hearts healthy and makes us better daughters*, sisters, mothers, partners, friends, employees, entrepreneurs, dreamers."

i thought that was so powerful. it is something that i struggle with a lot and i'm not sure exactly how to go about loving yourself more, except as she says earlier in her post, to spend some time with yourself and rediscover who you are and what you love and why certain things are important to you. i love things that lift my soul. what is lifting you today?

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