March 23, 2010

oh the madness!

what is it that rings in spring for you?  is it the flowers, the ladybugs, the extra sunshine and the playing outside?  for me it is that magical moment when march madness begins:)  first week of games is usually my favorite.  the games are amazing with upsets coming out your ears.  there have been some unbelievable games this year, the biggest one was when northern iown knocked off kansas, the number one overall team in the nation.  it was an amazing game.  i even had kansas picked as my championship team, but the excitement of seeing the little guys win was worth every point i lost to dave because of it.  he lost some to on that one though:)  dave stays home from work and we just lock ourselves in the house and watch hours of basketball.  the kids don't love it, but it only comes once a year, so they can deal right!  well, i hope that you are all having a great march.



  1. I'm proud of you for picking Kansas as your favorite, Meg. Too bad they didn't deliver. My fellow Kansans are pretty depressed. Oh well, at least we can bury our sorrows in good barbeque.

  2. My bracket is still kicking butt! I've gotta say though: our aggies were embarrassing! What happened?! I love you guys and I love that you are way into the madness